Feedback Farms in the NYT x2

In the New York Times metro section article on 596 Acres, Feedback
Farms appears AGAIN..... Two mentions in the NYT in one month.

This article is a bit more in depth than the last mention:

"Feedback Farms is an experiment in movable urban gardening. Because
the soil was considered contaminated, all the gardening is done in
containers. And to get the land, Ms. Johnson stressed that the garden
was temporary, and the city or a private owner could reclaim it at any
time. (They) designed a vegetable garden that could be moved on short
notice, using forklift pallets. In Our Back Yard provided a grant of
$4,484 for the garden."

Well - we are farming not gardening, but other than that we are pretty
stoked to be getting attention. Lots of work ahead!

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