First Mention in the NYTimes

Congratulations to our Neighbors at the 348 Bergen St Garden! The Textile Arts Center was featured, on Thursday, in a NY Times article titled: Colors of The Caldron, in which the rise of making ones own textile dyes with local plants, foraged or grown is highlighted with a multi page spread in the Home and Garden section.  Isa Rodriguez, the coordinator of the centers "Sewing Seeds" Program, and a familiar face on the Bergen lots is quoted discussing the natural dye plants, and a shoutout to Feedback Farms can be found (if you look hard), as well as a beautiful photograph of our first volunteer day.

Check out the Article HERE!

The Textile Arts Center is using the lots on Bergen for a Natural Dye CSA in which members will receive dyes, grown in the garden, as well as classes from the Center.

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