Bionic Gardens

Come see Feedback Farms new urban farming technologies at the Flux Factory.
Bionic Gardens  Show
Opening:  Saturday June 9th 1-4pm  and up all season

"Some people like to talk to their plants; now, their plants can (kind of) talk back. With a wireless sensor network, Feedback Farms provides a solution to decentralized gardening/farming by establishing a system wherein the moisture levels of the soil are monitored and communicated via the internet. Feedback Farms is an urban agricultural organization seeking to investigate New York City’s potential to host viable farms on vacant lots and stalled construction sites. Flux Factory will be a pilot site for their newest cohort of crops that trigger a LED notification as they require water, making it easy for even those without green thumbs to know how to respond to the needs of their silent friends. The planters feature sub-irrigation which include specialized reservoirs and valves to prevent over and underwatering. Also featuring heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and bok choy."

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